Wisdom sits in places.

Building a power plant will dam the Cibecue Creek, since the building project will require large roads and reservoirs that will destroy places. According to Keith Bassos Wisdom Sits in Places, There is a strong connection between the Apache and their land. They respect nature as revealed in their narratives of past events. Most of their past events are based on teaching moral values and also to maintain the dignity of the group. Landscape is closely associated with history and various approaches to nature hence this shows

Apaches way of life. It therefore shows that they understand themselves. It is also noted that place names describe mostly landscape where specific details are put clearly. These place names reveal the relationships people have with their land. This reflects politeness, wisdom and good moral behavior. The use of place names daily in their conversations shows their connection to historical narratives hence this shows their way of thinking, relationship between among people in the society, land and work and also their conception of life (Keith H.1996).

Place names are important since they make people to avoid transgressions and hence mould role models. This has lead to proper behavior being developed among the Apache since people participate in the right activities that mould the character. These place names make people to draw conclusions and hence follow the right path. They also make them know about their past and to make them remain polite so as proper relations are maintained between individuals. This prevents quarrels and embarrassments. They provide comfort during trying times since they are always full of ancestral wisdom (Keith H.1996).

Place names making is a way of reconstructing and constructing the past which is a way of remembering the past events and hence discovering their wisdom. These is a way of encouraging people to emulate the ancestors hence provides warnings about unacceptable behavior. Place names encourage the people to travel mentally to the place and hence reflect the story thus work towards the desired behavior change.

According to Bassos Apache consultants and informants, the major components of cultivation of wisdom are resilience, steadiness of the mind and wisdom. Resilience helps one to be calm and focused hence prevents external distractions and prevents anxiety and panic. Steadiness prevents internal distractions like anger and the desire to have calm and the desired thinking. All these lead smoothness of the mind which thus allows clear thinking. The Apaches are therefore encouraged to drink from any place since to gain wisdom is like water that is essential for one to survive. Wisdom sits in places describes the importance of place name knowledge and reflection upon the narratives associated with landscape for emergence of wisdom. Basso though says that there are many modern changes in Cibecue but many traditional ideas and names of places are still in use so as to teach more of their wisdom as well as creating new ideas (Keith H.1996).

Having being appointed to represent the interests of the interests of the Western Apache of Cibecue, I will look at the following Indexicality refers to anything those points to something for example smoke is an index of fire. Also includes any of the signs that points to orand helps create identity. This shows that when the state of Arizona moves to build of a power plant which will require large reservoirs and roads and thus lead destruction of places like Water Lies with Mud in an Open Container and Juniper Tree Stands Alone will definitely dam the Cibecue Creek. The above introduction about Apache clearly shows that they value their places and landscape in general. It will therefore be inappropriate for the state of Arizona to build the power plant as it will go against their customs (Keith H.1996).

Contexts of use can be either verbal or social which is either the surrounding text or the objective social variables. The Apache always use the contexts in their daily conversations hence the emphasis on their importance in their land. It also makes people to embrace the right behavior as place names are a continuous reminder. The place names keep stalking them.

Local knowledge refers strong practices and traditions of certain local communities. The local communities here are aware of most of the practices hence the strong emphasis on their land. They are aware of the meaning of the place names thus encourage them to embrace proper values.

Dwelling means a house or living somewhere. The people living in the state of Arizona especially the Western Apache of Cibecue will be violated against their rights because they strongly believe in the narratives that describe their past.

I strongly oppose the building of the power plant as though it will go along way in alleviating poverty as power will be available to everyone. The reason why I am opposing this is that once the station is built, Apache will be forget their customs  hence most people will go into embracing bad behavior. It may include destruction of the land by maybe cutting trees and destroying water catchment areas. I therefore advice that the power station should not be built in that place to avoid many problems.

The State of Arizona should look for somewhere else to build the power station so as to preserve and maintain the culture of Apache of Cibecue so that the people will always have the wisdom to undertake various activities daily.
Finally, it is important to consider other peoples culture and this should be put to much consideration.


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