Strange American Culture

    I read in a thread in a Philippine forums board that says American cultures that Filipinos find it strange. Among these strange cultures are common, such as, allowing their pets to sleep beside them while their kids stay in the other room. Wearing flashy and tons of jewelries, they call it Bling, is one of those strange cultures people notice to Americans.  But most of all, I wonder why old Americans like young Filipino women. I find this culture strange when only old and grumpy Americans love to date young exotic Pinay. Pinay refers to the Filipino women.  An article in a blog states (Hubpages, Why Old Americans Like Young Pinays),
 If you visit Philippines, its hard for you to see a young American (age 20-25) with a Pinay Girlfriend. If you could see one that girl looks like a Latina and with great body in other words, beautiful but not exotic (Why Old Americans Like Young Pinays)

    I have a friend whos living in Texas right now. She and her fianc flew to the US just a month ago. She registered in an online dating website. I cant give reasons why they wanted to find their so called true-love over a page with photos and profiles of men, mostly old. She admits, hes the man shes been looking for. I may have doubts though. But although 90 of Professional Filipinas dont have any interest in having relationships with an old American, my friend still believes its only true love. (Hubpages, Why Old Americans Like Young Pinays)

According to many professional Filipinas getting married to grumpy Americans just to become a US citizen and to become rich is a big insult to their profession and an embarrassment to their Filipina culture and womanhood. (Why Old Americans Like Young Pinays)

Old Americans may give promises to these young Filipino women some nice and decent house and a brighter future ahead of them. I could not tell if its true love or just facing the reality and truth that they needed the money more than they needed love.

    The question is still hanging, on whos deceiving who. These young Filipina women get involved in a relationship with these old American men for some reasons. Old American men find and marry young Filipina women for some reasons we couldnt tell. Some people discriminate these couples going out to malls holding hands and dating. They may be in love or they may be fooled. I could say both have different cultures and each has reasons on their own. A young Pinay wants to live in an environment new to her. Tall and skyrise buildings with bright city lights are all in her dreams. Leaving her life in a place of poverty in a third world country is how she wants her future will be. While an old and grumpy American man wanted to live in a tropical country away from his home and the busy people. He may be tired of living in a place where all he does is please his fellow citizens. He probably would want to enjoy and be with the woman who would take care of him and not him caring for her. Both countries are far beyond different from the other. Language, environment which includes the community and the society and the geography are the main things that define each individual. Who could tell their reasons and purpose of doing so Strange but this culture is the truth.


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