Journey of Man

The existence of the human race and the development of every individual in the different parts of the world have been one of the most interesting topics of study. Different researchers and famous personalities coming from various fields of study have tried to explain the evolution of the human race in the earth. In doing so, it cannot be prevented that conflicting and controversial ideas emerged, which create different theories regarding the existence and development of the human race. In relation to this, the succeeding paragraphs will discuss the book entitled Essentials of Physical Anthropology and the documentary of Journey of Man the Story of the Human Species.
The book Essential of Physical Anthropology that is written by Robert jurmain, Lynn Kilgore, and Wenda Trevathan, take an in-depth study of the evolution of human beings but with special emphasis given to other forms of life and  the environment as a whole. In the book, the development of human beings is studied in the context of its similarities with other species such as animals and even one-cell organisms (Jurmain et al., 15. In addition, the discussions in the book points out that human beings have indeed evolved from other species, which can be proven by its similarities to other animals like the chimpanzee (Jurmain et al., 35). Furthermore, the environment also plays an important role to the development of the human race. Identifying the similarities of the human race with other species allows people to realize that they should also give due importance to other living things because they are all interconnected (Jurmain et al., 15). The relation of human beings with other species is one of the most important discussions in the book, which is not seen in the documentary.

On the other hand, the documentary Journey of Man A Genetic Odyssey where in Dr. Spencer Wells studied that the history of man could be traced from an African Tribe. Due to migration and changes of time, the African Tribe moved to different locations and populated different locations which resulted to the current population. Furthermore, Dr. Wells utilizes blood samples in order for him to create a link to different tribes in the world. Hence, he traveled the world and searched for various kinds of tribes that would be perfect for attaining samples from different people. Furthermore, his travel led him to different countries in order for him to study the tracks of our history. Through the help of different scholars that specializes in history, science and the likes he came to the conclusion for the reasons of the changes in the facial attributes are present. In addition to this, the aspects relating to the changes in lifestyles are highly contributed by the changes in the climate. As stated by one of the scholars that joined the study, climate change was also present during those eras. Hence the ice age become present, this became a very difficult situation for the traveling tribe.

Therefore, the changes in the temperature caused them to have changes in their bodies such as skin color, body structure etc. In addition to this, the environmental attributes were also a contributor of such aspect which states that the food or the diet of the tribe helps them to adapt in the present conditions they experience.

In the end of the documentary film, Dr. Wells had found out that the life of man had come from the African tribe. Therefore, we are all interconnected. However, in the book it was mentioned that not only humans are interconnected with each other but also animals. Through the use of science, both the book and the documentary presented a very logical aspect of evidences and studies. Through the evidences given, it is very convincing and logical that all of us are intertwined. Although differences are present, the history of man must always be remembered in order to bear in mind that we come from one source and one life.


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