Necessity is the mother of invention, If analyzed historically this saying must have emerged from the pre- historic era. The prime necessity of any living being is food. Any kind of moral or immoral job is done with the sole motive to satisfy hunger. Hunger alone should be acclaimed to have created the foundation of development in human civilization. Today our variety of food has no leaps and bounds, but our ancestors had a tough time in recognizing eatables and took pain to make those soothing enough for the taste buds.

Peeping into the weird past  The Paleolithic period, this era brought about a revolution in the, the then life by creating the first stone tools thereby initiating technological achievements. As hunger struck their existence, they commenced their journey towards hunting for food. They started with feeding on vegetations, like leafy vegetables, fruits and nuts and went on to an increased variety of meat, fish, shellfish and insects. At the advent of the Upper Paleolithic period, evidences indicate of their consuming tuber root vegetables. People of this era by then had adopted relevant knowledge about plants and herbs.

This period issues evidences relating to domestication and rearing of animals like, dogs and reindeers for consuming their meat and milk. By then they were well aware of the sources of food supply, but they had scarcity of aids and tools that were needed to gather the food materials.

It was now that this era witnessed the technical skills to obtain food. They brought into use various forms of stone and wooden tools to hunt animals for meat and initiated the use of nets, harps for fishing. The hunting tools were not only made of stones and woods but also by human and animal bones.
The Upper Paleolithic period brought about a tide of technical developments in hunting. The use of net, bolas, spear thrower, the bow and arrow and the oldest ceramic art, The Venus of Dolmi, had all emerged in this era. The hunters were efficiently skilled. A research focuses on women labor being predominant in fishing techniques.

Processing of food also came into use, as evidences are found that the hunted animals were further roasted over fire. Apart from this, major food habits like processing of wine from grapes and liquor from fruits came into existence. Recent researches throw light upon The Upper Paleolithic period being significant in using fiber-based technologies for small prey acquisition. These small prey hunting techniques had been analyzed through ethnographic data out of foragers in Congo Basin.

Thus, The Upper Paleolithic Era had emerged to be the period of invention of a wide range of  hunting implements like, the cudgel, club, sharpened stone, chopper, hand axe, scraper, spear, bow and arrow, harpoon, needle, scratch awl, etc. This process of hunting and food production further made its transition into The Neolithic Period. Hence, the process of acquisition of food which had started in the past is still on with some newly initiated philosophies and techniques.


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