Gift Exchange Analysis.

Who would not love gifts They are things that come for free. Though they are supposed to be free, we cannot hide the fact that we would always expect something in return, even in any way. Like other things, gift exchange can also help explain things such as facts about anthropology and economy.
My best friend celebrated her 16th birthday last January and I wanted to let her know how much I love and appreciate her. I also wanted to give her something that would always remind her of our friendship so I decided to give her a bracelet and a birthday card.

In every gift exchange there is reciprocity. There are three kinds of reciprocity generalized, balanced and negative. This gift exchange conform the definition of generalized reciprocity in which a person who gives is not expecting something in immediate return. Since it is her birthday, she is not supposed to give me anything in return, but maybe, she could give me a gift some day or in my birthday too.

It does participate in the market economy since the gifts I bought is determined in a free price system set by supply and demand. This means that the price of the product will depend in the level of demand.

In other cases such as an exchange between parties who do not know each other, things will be different. A person will find it difficult to look for a gift to a person he does not know because he would not be familiar to the persons interests. His motivation of giving gift might also change. It may only be because of a requirement, adoration or just nothing. This will follow the reciprocity that is being applied in the situation. It may not follow the market economy but that would be very seldom.


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