Humans are greatly affected by the cultural environment in which they are raised. In other words, if you were raised in a foreign cultural environment you would be a different person than you are today. Even I will be different were I born in a different country.

If I were born in the Philippines, I will have grown with the concept of hiy or shame. Hiy would have defined most of my actions as much as it curbs Filipino culture. Thus, I will consider my shame as my familys shame. Conversely, in Mexican communities, the most noticeable trait is machismo in men. Making remarks to us, women, is stereotype machismo and are not seen as harassment (Kwintessential c. 2010). Women have always enjoyed better equality treatment in the Philippines. Before Spain colonized them, the Filipinas rights to legal equality and to inherit family property have not been questioned (Dolan 1993, p. 96).

If grew up in the Philippines, I will have had a better shot to education. Literacy in the Philippines is at 92.6 which is slightly higher compared to that of Mexico which is at 91. That may be a small difference but, considering Im a woman, Ill have a significantly better chance to education. Women literacy in the Philippines is at 92.7 compared to 89.6 of Mexico (Central Intelligence Agency CIA, 2010a CIA, 2010b). Moreover, living in the United States lowers my chances to education further as Mexican-Americans have the lowest level of educational attainment compared to any other major group in the United States (Bravo 2005, p.171). This is largely attributable to the lack of government support in education.

Should I have been born in the Philippines, I believe I will be an entirely different person than I am now. Although I may have the same religious standpoint, I may also see religion as an inevitable chain of oppression  a tool for subjugation as told by my ancestors. I would have felt inferior as a Filipina but more empowered as a woman. I would have had more access to education but lesser access to jobs. Id bear the same pigments but would be more care-free about it. I may be better or worse but I will definitely not be the same.

 President Corazon Aquino was considered the most powerful woman in Asia proving that being a woman is not a hindrance in attaining political power in the Philippines. She was the first woman to be designated TIMEs Person of the Year since Queen Elizabeth II for 1952 (Time 2010).
El Toro y Matador The bull and the murderer was assimilated by Mexico from Spain. The matador enters the ring in a celebration of bravery and machismo, taking advantage of a bull exhausted (La Comunidad 2008).

Education in the Philippines is readily available. The available jobs, however, are always short. Most of the unemployed in the Philippines are fresh graduates with about 400,000 added to the labor force each year. But a significant ratio of them is also workers who were retrenched from their jobs or whose employment contracts were not renewed (Pinoy-OFW 2008).


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