Human Cultural, Ecological and Biological Adaptations

In the life of every human being, the cultural, ecological and biological aspects are considered to be very essential. These mainly reflect the roots and identity of an individual. In terms of adaptation, I personally believe that these three different aspects have great rapport with each other. Thus, from a personal point, the cultural, ecological and biological aspects relate with each by giving great considerations in each specific meaning and importance, as far as adaptation is concerned.

I believe that in human adaptation, the cultural aspect relate to the ecological and biological facets in a sense that an individual has to adjust according to the set-up of new environment. The adaptation of an individual with different cultural background connects to that of new nature by being open to a specific form of environment in order to fit in the whole system. For instance, a migrant individual has to adjust according to a new system and environment even if it means accepting new set of rules that differ from hisher own cultural background. Ecology and culture relate to each other in a way that differences do not serve as hindrance, but a consideration in order to create a better harmony and sound process of adaptation.

Thus, from a personal point of view, these three different aspects work in concert under a common goal which is to achieve the greatest possible result in human adaptation. These three forms do not necessarily need to outperform each other in order for an individual to survive and surpass the whole process of adaptation.


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