Model minority   This may be defined as the minority of a racial or ethnic group which has received a higher degree of success as compared to the general average of population. Asian American diversity  Asian American diversity refers to the diverse backgrounds of Asians who have become American over the years such as Chinese Americans, Filipinos, Indians, and Vietnamese etc.Hmong people  Asian ethnic group from the mountainous regions of Burma, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam are referred to as Hmong people. Multi-generational households  Any household spanning three or more generations may be called a multi-generational household. This concept becomes important in the racial context as more the number of generations, greater different racial backgrounds are likely to be found in the same family.Treaty of Hidalgo (1848)  This is the peace treaty dictated by the USA to an interim military occupied Mexico which had sought to take large lands in Central America from the Native Americans. The treaty is an apt illustration of differing bargaining powers of different races.Racialization of ethnic difference (Rwanda)  The phenomenon that was observed in Rwanda when differences between ethnic groups were attributed to race is called racialization of ethnic difference.

Diminished antagonism  It is referred to as the proposition which states that the outcome of class struggle mollifies the opposition of interests and frequently coordinates the interests of capital and labor. Proposition 187  Proposition 187 in state of California was largely aimed at the huge undocumented Latin population of the state who were illegal immigrants and therefore not given the right to vote. However, the proposition being entirely based on racial reasons was challenged in the court of law and quashed by it labeling it as unconstitutional.Hypodescent  Societies where some races are considered superior and dominant while others inferior, it is the phenomenon where the children of mixed races are handed over to families of inferior races.

Hamitic Myth  This myth suggested that the Hamite race which became a sub-group of Caucasian race was superior to or more advanced than Negroid of sub-Saharan Africa.Racial democracy  It is the phenomenon of Brazil, as per which Brazil has managed to escape the racism and racial discrimination of other countries, especially USA.Repatriation program  It may be referred to as any initiative of a government to force migration of a certain race out of the country such as the Mexican Repatriation.De jure  Any matter as per the law and not fact is called de jure. These matters are usually those which are equal for all races, as there is an effort not to make laws discriminatory solely on the basis of racial differences.Coercive sterilization 

These are those initiatives of the government where people are forced to undergo surgical sterilization.De facto  Any matter as per the fact and not law is called de facto. These matters are not usually race neutral, as these are those which exist in reality and are factual. Thus, while law on a particular matter may provide for racial equality, factually and practically discrimination on basis of race can be often seen.Group position (Mexican difference)  It may be referred to the position taken by a number of participants who have a certain commonality. Morenidade  It is used mainly in Brazil to refer to the brown-skinned women. Race studies have been criticized for using skin-color specific terms.California vagrancy laws 

These are those Californian laws which are designed to punish those who are immoral or dangerous by their nature such as separate housing etc. These laws had their roots in England and were later used by many other jurisdictions as well. These laws have often been accused of fostering a different kind of racial discrimination.Blanqueamento  It is an ideology as well as a social practice. It is one of the common forms of racism in USA, which believes in white races being superior over non white races.Critical whiteness studies

This is a sub-study of critical race theory which seeks to examine the construction and moral implications of whiteness.White privilege  It is a way of conceptualizing racial inequalities that focuses as much on the advantages that white people get over other color skinned people due to their skin color.White invisibility  This is the proposition which stipulates that to be white is to be like everyone else and no discrimination can be justified on the basis of skin color.


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