My Personal Statement.

I started out early in life with a great desire to be unique in everything I do. I wanted to be outstanding and really show the world that I have a great potential in me. I worked hard right from the start and was awarded with great results at each stage of my academic and developmental pursuit. At each stage in my pursuit, I have always ranked mostly among the top 10 of my class, graduating in the first divisions right from the Modern School in India (the equivalent of High School) all through to my present level (M. Sc in progress).
However, at a time in my life, I came to realise that there is more to life than just personal excellence and satisfaction. I realised that I needed to influence the lifes of the people around me. The aspiration to be a positive contribution to the society sprang up in me at this time and it this was this desire that has redirected my life. I began to see the need to divest my energy and potential into becoming a blessing to humanity. Though I have had my background in the sciences and engineering especially, I considered that Social Anthropology would be a more beneficial course for me to pursue. Since this course involves studies about humankind, its culture and development, I believe that it will enhance my knowledge about humanity in general. With a more informed background about humanity, I will be better equipped to understand humanity, appreciate the problems and challenges faced by humankind all over the world (and especially in my country, India) and be better equipped to proffer feasible solutions to these problems. I am now of the strong opinion that this desire gives me a better definition of excellence and success in life. This was my main motive for aspiring to further my study in Social Anthropology.
As an applicant to the MPhil in Social Anthropology course being offered by the School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography, University of Oxford, UK, I truly believe that my background and education in engineering and science will be handy in being the problem solver that I have aspired to be. In addition, to further my versatility and potential for pursuing a career in Social Anthropology, I have also undergone a foundation class in the social sciences with a major study focus on Contemporary India (M. Sc in Contemporary India) at the School of Inter Disciplinary Area Studies, also at the University of Oxford. My reasoning for this is that this course will ultimately provide me with a unique opportunity to better understand the diverse range of challenges my country faces today, thus paving the path for my humble contributions toward bringing forth worthwhile solutions to these challenges. Besides, it is supposed to serve as a platform for enlisting myself in studying Social Anthropology. I am anticipating that the MPhil programme will be a way of building up the knowledge and skills acquired during the Contemporary India M. Sc programme.   
One University that I have desired to be is the Oxford University in the United Kingdom. I see my present admission to pursue Masters Degrees in the University as a plus for my career attainment. The institution is renowned for its great accomplishments and success. The facilities and faculties are tested and the accolades they enjoy runs across the globe. I have cherished this opportunity and I believe I will be well prepared by this institution for my desired career than any other institution would have done. Indeed, my experience for the past two years as a Masters degree student in the institution is unparalleled and I think I will be worthwhile to further my studies with the school all through to the Ph. D level (on completion of my MPhil, I would like to move onto pursuing a DPhil). 
In addition, I can also say that I possess the strength of character and motivation that will suit both this course and the Oxford University as a whole. I am systematic in my thought processes and enjoy solving problems and logic puzzles. I thrive on learning new techniques, responding to teachings and always extremely determined in achieving my goals. My experience at the University so far has presented me with many extra-curricular opportunities, which I have approached with extreme enthusiasm. I have, for example achieved a half-blue in Air Pistol Shooting, a sport in which I have represented India in the Munich and Milan world cups in 2008. Along with sports, I also thrive in the busy social life of St. Hildas College where I have been a Womans officer for the MCR for two consecutive terms a role, which requires adequate communication skills and team work.
After I might have obtained the necessary education and experience from the Oxford University, I would like to return to India and work in the development field through the auspices of the numerous NGOs whose dedication is towards heralding a new era of sustainable development and equitable growth in India. In the larger scheme of things, I see myself using my education and training at Oxford as a means of helping others in an immerse way. I am sure that, with this degree, I can always give back to society as I have always dreamt about. Doing this will not be a new experience for me in any case. For instance, during my vacations in 2006 I worked for Luna Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. as a trainee engineer. This not only required me to transfer knowledge and skills from my academic training but also involved working on the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) being undertaken on the river Sabarmati in Gujarat, India- an excellent insight into how companies can help or hinder the efficiency of bio fuel production. In other cases, I have worked extensively as a volunteer with the Green Peace Society and SOS Villages in India. Besides these many of my academic and research works have focused on way of ensuring sustainable growth in India (reference to my papers on sustainable bio fuel production and environmental pollution).  
At the time I will return to India, my education and development should have placed me on a better pedestal to be more effective in contributing to the development of my country India and to that of humanity all over the world. The possibility of being able to contribute to the cause of sustainable development and equitable growth in India is the main reason why I have selected the field of Social Anthropology as the profession that I will pursue. I am sure that the future is very bright both for me and for humankind at large, as Eleanor Roosevelt once said, The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams


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